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Gate Motors Edenvale Have The Best Gate Motor Deals To Offer Get Affordable Gate Automation in Edenvale Get Gate Motors Edenvale 083-859-9580. Gate Motors Edenvale have been doing Gate Automation in Edenvale for more than 20 years. Edenvale Gate Motors provide a wide range of gate motor services from. Gate Motor Installations in Edenvale. Gate Motor Repairs in Edenvale. To Gate Motor Maintenance in Petoria. And Gate Motor Upgrades in Edenvale. More and more people on a daily basis, are choosing Gate Motors Edenvale. We supply Gate Motors in Edenvale at low prices. We’re well-known for our superb customer service. Quality gate motors and parts manufactured in South Africa by DACE. Direct Access Control equipment.

Gate Motors EdenvaleGate Motors Edenvale

COC Certified Gate Motor Services

We’re COC Certified. (Electrical Certificate of Compliance). This means we are able to provide you with a. Electrical Certificate of Compliance for new gate motor installations and repairs. Gate Motors Edenvale provide customers with gate motor products and services which are customized to suite their individual needs. All our products and services are low in price and high in quality. With a two year warranty on all gate motors we supply. Workmanship  guarantee provided on all services we provide.

Choosing A Gate Motor

Here Are 3 Important Factors You Should Consider First!

When deciding on Buying a Gate Motor in Edenvale. You need to keep in mind three important factors. What type of gate do you have? Do you have a swing gate or a sliding gate? How heavy is your gate? Heavier than 500kg you may need to look at a commercial gate motor. How many times do you estimate your gate will be opened per day? More than 10 times a day you may need to look at a commercial gate motor.

Sliding Gate Motor

Sliding Gate Motors EdenvaleSEOSAG1 are made up of a single gate, which runs on a track. Sliding gates need a long space usually up to 9 meters to slide along when opening or closing. Sliding gates are a common sight in Edenvale and are ideal for wide entrances. Uphill entrances or property where there’s not enough space to use swing gates. We offer a variety of Sliding Gate Motors in Edenvale to choose from.

Swing Gate Motor

SEOSAG2Swing Gate Motors Edenvale work by rotating around a fulcrum, much like an ordinary door does. When the swing gate opens, it turns inward and requires internal space for opening. Swing gates are not a common sight in Edenvale. However you do get a few. We offer Single Swing Gate Motors in Edenvale. We also offer the Double Swing Gate Motors in Edenvale.

Gate Motor Brands Edenvale

Gate Motors Edenvale work on all gate motor brands including. Dace Gate Motors in Edenvale. Nice Hansa Gate Motors in Edenvale. Gemini Gate Motors in Edenvale. Centurion Gate Motors in Edenvale and ET Gate Motors in Edenvale. Although we work on all gate motor brands we only supply DACE gate motors. Our reason for this is that DACE is locally manufactured in South Africa. This means parts and spares are easily available. DACE also meets international quality standards. With all their motors.


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